10 Best Behaved Dog Breeds Revealed

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The top 10 best behaved dog breeds have been revealed, with the loyal Korean Jindo Dog taking the top spot.

New research conducted by Protect My Paws analysed Instagram hashtags to find out which pups are better behaved than others — and the results may surprise you. Native to the South Korean island of Jindo, Korean Jindo pups are a national treasure, scoring a positive 75.86% in the study.

“Over centuries, the Jindo’s harsh island environment drove the dog to become energetic, watchful, alert, fearless, loyal, and obedient,” Protect my Paws say. “Yes, they may be less warm towards strangers – but the Jindo’s keen companionship assures them a positive behaviour report in more than three-quarters of Jindo-based Instagram posts. Pointy of ear, with a tight, brindled coat, the Jindo is a credit to their master and their Instagram account.”

jindo dog

Korean Jindo Dog

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While all breeds make excellent companions, some are politer and less naughty than others. Elsewhere, other breeds in the list include the Perro de Presa Canario, Black Mouth Cur and the Portuguese Water Dog — a bright and biddable dog that was bred to be an all-round fisherman’s helper.

On the other hand, however, the naughtiest dog breed was revealed as the Japanese Spitz, with 86.67% of Instagram posts reporting bad behaviour. The team also uncovered that South Africa is home to the naughtiest pups, while Ukraine has some of the best behaved pooches in the world.

Want to know if your dog made the list? Take a look at the full findings below…

Top 10 best behaved dog breeds

  1. Korean Jindo Dog (75.86%)
  2. Perro de Presa Canario (72.73%)
  3. Rhodesian Ridgeback (71.05%)
  4. Black Mouth Cur (70.83%)
  5. Portuguese Water Dog (70.83%)
  6. Anatolian Shepherd Dog (68.97)
  7. Rat Terrier (68.97%)
  8. Belgian Malinois (67.90%)
  9. Miniature Pinscher (66.67%)
  10. Dutch Shepherd (65.91%)
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