February 25, 2021


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15 startups shaking up animal health, nutrition and precision farming

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The virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit, coming up next month, is set to showcase 15 international startups with pioneering technologies aimed at disrupting animal health and nutrition, from probiotics, to machine vision to artificial monitoring.

Hosted by an investor panel with Cavallo Ventures, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures and Zoetis, the following six start-ups will take to the digital stage to present:

Aquafort​ (Canada) has a predictive data analytics platform that helps finfish producers to lower mortality rates and improve yield quality and quantity through automation and predicting ecosystem health. The technology diagnoses fish health and welfare problems, replacing manual and reactive processes that contribute 30% of production costs.

Armenta​ (Israel) has developed a non-antibiotic treatment for bovine mastitis using acoustic pulse technology (APT). Mastitis causes annual losses of over US$6bn in the US and Europe. Infected cows treated with APT have shown 70% cure rates and consequently a 10% increase in milk yield, claims the startup.

Bezoar Laboratories​ (US) is bringing Fortis to market, a probiotic that is designed to reduce enteric methane formation in ruminants.

EmGenisys​ (US) has developed an embryo evaluation system to improve pregnancy outcomes of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) in livestock. EmGenisys’ technology utilizes computer vision to evaluate real-time cellular activity in bovine embryos.  

iYOTAH Solutions​ (US) has developed a platform that connects the various stakeholders and datasets within the value chain to provide high-value, prescriptive, and actionable solutions aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, boosting profitability, and ensuring sustainability, traceability, and compliance objectives.