31 Great Gifts For Dog Lovers

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Dogs don’t need a lot to be happy—love and attention, belly rubs and the occasional table scrap (don’t tell your vet). But if you want to find a way into that doggie parent’s heart, there’s one sure-fire approach: Give a gift that puts pup in the spotlight. After all, if you give your dog loving friend a comfy new dog bed or a snazzy set of puppy boots, it’s something new to show off on their dog’s Instagram account. So when you’re shopping for gifts, lean into their canine love. The best gifts for dog lovers are often—you guessed it—gifts for their dogs.

Thanks to the deep bond that most people have with their pet, there’s no shortage of options. There is an astounding selection of gifts for dogs and their human parents—everything from cheap dog toys to luxury puppy cushions. The best way to paw through all these choices? Hire a personal shopper that’s actually a dog—that canine perspective is invaluable for sniffing out the right gift. Unfortunately, few dogs are up to the rigors of holding down a full-time job, so we’ve stepped in as your next-best option.

From awesome toys to delicious treats, we’ve rounded up the gifts that any dog—and its owner—will adore. We threw in a few things that the dog might not care as much about, but the woof-worthy dog theme will delight your dog-owner friend. We’ve rounded up 31 of the best gifts for dogs. Here’s what you need to make a special dog—and its human family—very happy.

Dress Your Dog In Style With A Vegan Leather Jacket

Humans aren’t the only mammals in need of a wardrobe update. K9 Wear has a chic line of puppy jackets that include vegan leather, bomber jacker, bright yellow raincoat and more. They all work interchangeably with K9 Wear’s $55 dog harness; once you have the harness, humans can mix and match jackets to suit their (and the dog’s) mood.

A Stylishly Modern Pet Portrait

For the sophisticated, pup-about-the-town sort of dog, give its parents this modern art riff on his or her breed. With just a few clicks, you can create a stunning modern art-take on a portrait of the dog—choices include line art, filled form silhouette and abstract versions of dozens of breeds of dog and cat. You can choose the print size, graphic color and add text (like the dog’s name) to the picture.

Let Pup Prey On Kibble Like Nature Intended

Every dog needs playtime—something that canine professionals call “enrichment exercises.” The best kind of enrichment? One that combines playtime with eating. The Game is a weighted gadget that can hold 1.5 cups of dry food and dispense it in spurts when knocked over for a fun meal. Ridges on the top can also hold peanut butter for even more excitement.

Sheri Knows How To Make a Calming Dog Bed

The Original Calming Dog Bed—a fluffy, shaggy pillow joy for almost any dog—comes in four designs to accommodate dogs of all sizes. They’re made with vegan faux shag fur and have a deep impression with a high rim that’s great for burrowing. Whether you get the smallest 23-inch version or the largest 45-inch model, they’re all round, which lets dogs curl up in them easily.

Somewhere For Pup To Put Her Toys

A Beautiful Book Of Dog Portraits

Pooch might not appreciate the finer points of this book, but the human family will love these canine portraits by photographer Vincent Lagrange. It’s a magnificent collection of photos of animals looking sweet, innocent, thoughtful, tender and sublime.

This Vitamin Water Is Designed For Healthy Pups

Formulated by veterinarians and made with omega-3s for a healthy coat, Wolf Spring vitamin water is a tasty and healthy supplement for your pooch. Poured over kibble, it makes ordinary dry food more enticing for picky eaters. It’s an all-natural, plant-based vitamin water—which is unique enough to make a cool and unusual gift, and it’s available in varieties designed for puppies, adults, seniors and for calming dogs to relieve stress or help them sleep better.

Let Pup Live Out His Air Bud Dreams With These Doggie Sneakers

Know a pup who lives somewhere the winters are harsh? Protect his or her paws from salted ice, snow and freezing conditions with actual doggie sneakers. RifRuf’s shoes—like these Caesar 1 sneakers—offer solid protection while looking adorable. And RifRuf claims these are the first dog sneakers to ever use the same materials found in human sneakers, built from an actual shoe form and endorsed by the brand’s veterinary partner.

Because Rover Wants To Hunt For Food

You know how your dog loves foraging outdoors for whatever bits of food they can find—whether you approve of what they find or not? That’s what dogs do, and they love the foraging experience. With this snuffle mat, you can do that indoors—hide treats and food under the many fabric flaps and in the cup-shaped enclosures. It measures 20 inches square, has a grippy bottom and is easy to clean.

Pup Will Love Playing Hide And Seek With These Squirrels

Here’s an unusual dog toy: This is a plush dog puzzle with three stuffed squirrels you can hide inside. You can play interactively with your pup or let her tackle it on her own. Either way, the hidden squirrels encourage your dog’s hunting instincts. There are a slew of puzzle variations, it comes in a variety of sizes and the animals are replaceable.

Light Up The Night With This LED Dog Collar

Safety always comes first, and this LED dog collar is an awesome puppy gift that is safe, convenient and fun. It’s waterproof, rugged enough to stand up to the demands of any dog and can be set to light up in any of seven different colors. And with a 10-hour battery, it’ll probably only have to be charged once a week or so.

Bring Out Doggy’s Inner Einstein With Speech Buttons

You’ve seen those amazing TikTok video of dogs that can “talk” by pawing buttons that say what they’re thinking. Well, that skill is easily teachable, and this pack of four programmable buttons means you give puppy the gift of being able to press a button that says “walk,” rather than just whining to communicate.

This Comfy Bed Is Self-Warming And Lined In Fleece

There’s more to this 20 x 16-inch bed than meets the eye. Under the soft and comfy microfleece, the cushioned pillow has a thin layer of metallic insulation that reflects the dog’s body heat back up. This can help keep the pup warm and comfortable without any need for electric heating. That’s not all: The interior cushion is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Keep Pup Secure and Comfy With An Adjustable Harness

Dog harnesses are a better way to control dog than clipping a leash to the collar—plus it’s more comfortable for the dog. This harness is an excellent, thoughtfully designed and affordable model. While many harnesses use Velcro, which is loud and can alarm puppies, this one uses a pair of easy-on and easy-off buckles. It’s also snug and secure, so the dog won’t flop around inside it. And it comes in more than a dozen colors.

Wear Doggie’s Pawprint Close To Your Heart

For the true dog lover, here’s a customized necklace that puts puppy’s paw—which you can submit as a photo—close to her heart. The price starts at $66 for a single paw print, but goes up to $82 if you want paws in front and back.

Dress The Part Of Dog Mom (And Support A Pet Shelter)

Help your favorite dog mom dress the part. This bundle includes a t-shirt, baseball cap and koozie, and the Dogs Rule store doesn’t discriminate: You can get this as a Dog Dad bundle as well. But the best part? All proceeds from any Dogs Rule store purchase at Amazon help dogs find loving homes through shelter and rescue grants via the Pedigree Foundation—so you can feel good knowing your purchase is actively helping dogs.

Make Sure Pooch Is Ready For A Weekend Getaway

The humans all have weekender bags, so why not the dog? This set of puppy luggage features a large 15 x 14 x 7-inch bag for your dog’s belongings—treats, toys, water, blanket and more—as well as a pair of lined food carriers (which hold up to 30 cups of kibble), a placemat and two collapsible silicone bowls that store conveniently in the front flap.

A Smart Toy That Pup Can Chase Around The House

WickedBone got its start on Kickstarter and has legions of fans among dogs and dog parents alike. The rechargeable, motorized bone can be remotely controlled from a smartphone using the mobile app or it can entertain the dog on its own. That’s because it’s designed to attract the pet’s interest by rolling around based on a set of pre-programmed algorithms. It has a dozen autonomous modes—like bored, mad, mischievous, relaxed and observing—that can be set to match the dog’s mood.

Some Beef Flavored Treats For The Stocking

You don’t have to spend much to get a treat any dog will snarf up like candy. Pup-Peroni has an adorable name and delicious beef flavoring. Even better, for $3 you can throw a bag in the stocking so Woofy has something to open along with the kids.

Challenge A Bored Dog With This Food-Based Puzzle

Dogs need intellectual stimulation, but most are not quite ready to settle down with a good book. A better option? Put a puzzle like the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Tornado Puzzle Game Dog Toy down in front of them. Pup will need to learn how to spin the four layers of rotating dog-bone-shaped discs to get to the cubbies that can be loaded up with treats or kibble. For more of a challenge, add the included plastic blocks to a few of the cubbies as well.

Hang A Custom-Made Pet Portrait In The Living Room

What’s sweeter than a framed portrait of the family dog? This portrait service keeps things simple; just send in a digital photo of the pup and you’ll get a gorgeous watercolor version that’s been computer scanned and processed. Sizes range from 8 x 10-inch to 24 x 36-inch, and it’s mounted on an Alderwood frame and shielded with an Acrylite front protector. Prices vary from about $28 (picture only, no frame) to nearly $200, depending upon which size and options you choose.

Spoil A Puppy With This Decadent Puppy Placemat

It’s hard to say who is being spoiled here—the dog or the dog parents. This Puppy Placemat from MacKenzie-Childs measures 14 x 24 inches and is made from polypropylene with rubber backing, so it stays put on the floor and easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Even so, it’s snazzy with gold dots spread across a black background and finished with a large bow.

These Baked Cookies Are Good Enough For People To Eat

Visiting a friend? Stopping at the bakery to get something delicious is a classy touch. Why not do more or less the same thing for your friend’s pup? Three Dog Bakery isn’t actually run by three dogs (though that would be awesome if it were), but the brand’s cookies are delicious—dogs gobble them up. They’re made with all natural ingredients like peanut butter, carob and vanilla, and they smell mouth-wateringly good to people as well as pups.

Feed Pup Like Royalty In A Ceramic Antimicrobial Bowl

If you’ve noticed that your friend’s pooch is still eating out of a cheap plastic bowl, help them step it up a notch. Fable’s smartly priced ceramic bowl has an easily cleaned antimicrobial glossy interior, a weighted base that won’t easily flip over and a rugged, food-safe and pup-tested construction. It’s available in four colors: rose, dark gray, light gray and “tofu,” which appears to be off-white.

Uncover Pup’s Secret Ancestry Though DNA

Even if dogs don’t yearn to know their genetic history, their human family often does. That’s why there are DNA test kits that are the canine equivalent of 23andMe or Ancestry.com. Embark is one of the most popular dog DNA tests; with a simple and painless swab, it can screen for over 350 dog breeds and tell you what canine varieties the dog has in its past. It can also screen for over 210 genetic diseases and connect you with doggy relatives that share the pup’s DNA.

A No-Subscription Pet Cam To Stay Connected Inexpensively

There are a lot of pet cams out there, but most of them are somewhat pricey. The Wyze v3 Pet Cam breaks that mold; not only is it affordable, but it offers almost every feature you tend to find in the more premium models. It works indoors and outdoors, has motion detection and two-way audio (so mom and dad can get a warning when pup starts barking and then talk to her to calm her nerves). Not only that, but it can record continuously without the need for any kind of subscription service.

Let Visitors Know What To Expect Inside

Welcome mats are like t-shirts for the front door. They are a tried and true way to add a flourish of personality and wit to the entryway. This vinyl-backed, 18 x 30-inch mat slyly lets visitors know that there’s one or more dogs within, and that the vacuum cleaner can’t quite keep up with the shedding at the same time. If you don’t love this particular message, scroll down the product page for a slew of other dog-themed mats.

This Shark Is Virtually Indestructible

It’s a classic quandary: The more a dog loves a toy, the faster it gets destroyed. That’s especially true for Shepherds, Huskies, Rotties and other supersized pups that don’t know their own strength. Tuffy’s line of rugged stuffed animals are all-but-indestructible, though. This whale, for example, is made with three layers of dense, bonded materials with multiple rows of stitching and rates an “8” on Tuffy’s toughness scale. Despite being made to survive almost any set of teeth, it’s machine washable and includes a squeaker.

Always Know Exactly Where The Dog Is With This GPS Tracker

Clip Jiobit to the dog’s collar and never worry about him or her getting lost again. This real-time GPS tracker is waterproof and rugged, and it’ll send a notification to your phone anytime it leaves a place you’ve designated as a “trusted location,” like its home. If pup should jump a fence, Mom and Dad can see its exact location on a real-time map—which offers tremendous peace of mind for almost any pet owner. The Jiobit’s battery needs to be charged about once a week, and because Jiobit needs to talk to your phone via a cellular network, it requires a $9 per month subscription.

Toss Treats To Pup From 1,000 Miles Away With Furbo

Ellen DeGeneres loves Furbo, as does Forbes Vetted editor Kara Cuzzone. And it’s easy to see why; this smart pet cam alerts Mom and Dad when your lonely pooch starts barking, lets them have a two-way video chat (one party can talk; the other barks) and dispenses treats using the mobile app. It might not completely cure the dog’s separation anxiety, but it can go a long way towards making pup feel better when the humans have to leave home.

It’s So Very Soothing To Lick This Mat

You know how relaxing it can be to pop bubble wrap? These silicone treat mats are sort of like that, for dogs. Here’s the deal: You smear a delicious treat, like peanut butter, into the recesses of one of these silicone mats, and pooch will lick it till the cows come home. Not only are they getting a little bit of treat out of the mat with each lick, but it feels good on their tongue, as well. And it’s a more stimulating way to eat rather than just taking treats out of your hand.