June 12, 2021


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7 of the Top Pets and Animals Influencers on Instagram

Videos and images of pets are always going viral on social media. Pets have been one of the hottest things on social media since their birth, so who are the social media influencers with the biggest followers?

As influencers expand their reach, new kinds of pets have joined the mix. In addition to cats and dogs, the “pet influencer” subgroup has extended to hamsters, horses, and many more.

Top pet influencers do not appear to differ individually in communication; however, their engagement, sponsoring, and audience followings are similar to those of their human counterparts.

And when it comes to finding topics and content in relation to dogs, cats and pets of all types, it’s not just about social media. There are plenty of podcasts out there as well, such as The Dog Show, which is great for pet owners of all types — but especially for dog owners.

No matter where you are getting your pet info and content from, be sure to add these awesome pet and animal influencers on Instagram.

1. JiffPom

One of the top pet influencers in the industry is Jiff Pom, with 28million followers on overall social media platforms. With a book deal, calendar, and online store to prove it, this brown Pomeranian stands out as a top pet influencer.

The adorable pup enjoys working out with his popular pals, performing handstands, and making videos for brands such as Aim and Nature’s Remedy.

He rose to prominence as the holder of two Guinness Book Of world records. Jiffpom surprise boxes and soft toys are available from various online retailers, like Target, Amazon, and Walmart. There are many pictures of him dressed up on Instagram, getting likes from around the world.

2. Juniper and Fig

In the Florida Panhandle, Jessika Coker is the caretakers of Juniper and Fig, two North American red foxes. Jessika also raised petunia and Peach, an ex-fur farm dog and a Malamute mix dog.

With Juniper: The Happiest Fox, Jessika’s debut book, out this year, you can share in its paw paintings and read her story.

3. Marniethedog

Another story of redemption follows our previous entry on the list of animal influencers, which goes back to Marnie when she fell into a shelter following a raid on strays. From there, she began her new life as a companion dog.

With her physical, psychopathic, congenital, and acquired defects, Marnie is one of the most recognizable dogs globally. Being the most dominant in the litter makes her one of the most beloved.

The faces of Marnie like Taylor Swift, Larry King, and Lena Dunham have been seen in photographs taken while Marnie was growing up.

4. Nala Cat

This is probably not your first time seeing this cute cat since she is the most famous cat on Instagram with more than four million followers.

Although Rachael is now living a happy, fulfilling life, it was not always the case. As a tiny kitten, Nala was placed in a shelter for several months. But thanks to people like you, she found a loving home and is now enjoying a magnificent life.

5. Rexie Cat

Featured here is Rexie, a cat displaying a lot of expressions. But his most marvelous talent involves amazing tongue-tidy tricks.

This young cat does fun tongue tricks, many of which no other cat can do. A great model, Rexie poses well for the camera, and the owner knows when to take pictures of the pet.

6. Smoothie the Cat

Among the 2.1 million followers on Instagram are two British Longhair cats named Smoothie and Milkshake. No wonder Smoothie has been called the globe’s most photogenic cat.

In 2016, this adorable duo captured the attention of humans to the point where they have become a powerful force on Instagram. Smoothie and Milkshake have reposted multiple themed posts from the pet brand PeeWee.

7. Albert Baby Cat

Thanks to his cute face and pretty unique personality, Albert has managed to find his way pretty much everywhere.

Now he has a new munchkin buddy named goyanggy with whom he has formed a strong bond.

With Albert as a partner, brands like PrettyLitter and SurePetCare have worked together to promote their products to Munchkin cat lovers. Big brands like Tide, Dyson, and Apple have also partnered with Albert.

Where to Follow the Top Pet Influencers Online

Every Instagram profile will become famous if the performance and consistency of the content are monitored and promoted on a routine basis.

Providing users with compelling ads and content is the big business of Pets for Instagram. The top seven pets and animals influencers will help you identify how they promote different brands and engage the users with funny and loving content.

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Published May 18th, 2021