‘A true music lover!’ Netizens can’t have enough of cat enjoying classical music

There is no dearth of adorable content related to animals online. From playing games to learning new tricks, they always manage to spread smiles online. In a latest video, a cat is seen enjoying classical music which left all impressed online with some being mesmerised by the cat’s refined taste.

In a video widely being shared online, the feline is seen sitting on a couch, while a classical song is heard playing on the speakers. Much like any human immersed in the music, with its eye closed, the cat is seen concentering fully on the soulful voice.

The video piqued the interest of popular Hindi poet Kumar Vishwas as well, who shared it on Twitter saying, “This cat must have lived in Tansen ji’s house in the previous life,” as it keeps shaking it’s tail to the beats.

Watch the video here:

Social media users too loved the cute clip of the cat and couldn’t agree more with many wondering how it learnt to enjoy such music. While some speculated the cat must have grown to love this genre of music emulating it owners, others joked if it can meow in various raagas.

Many cat owners also weighed in to say felines have an inclination towards softer and soothing music and hence could be seen enjoying the melody so much.