September 19, 2021


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ADM Animal Nutrition Releases New Forage First GS Supplement for Working Horses

Quincy, Illinois (August 15, 2020) — Forage First GS is a new, unique supplement from ADM Animal Nutrition formulated to provide nutritional support for equine gastrointestinal health. It aids in the relief of gastric discomfort.

Forage First GS provides needed nutritional support for optimal gastric health.

Forage First GS is a triple-action formula that utilizes a proprietary blend of minerals and high-quality ingredients to provide positive results for equines with gastric discomfort. The synergy of our triple-action formula works to neutralize stomach pH, optimize gastric health, and support equines during stressful events. Forage First GS can be fed as part of a meal or in-between meals as a snack or treat.