June 12, 2021


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ADM looks to expand reach of functional shrimp and fish feeds in Asia

The animal nutrition specialist would look to also develop a similar product in China to its industrially coated probiotic feed supporting L. vannamei​ shrimp production, Vanalis Pro, ​which is manufactured in Vietnam and was launched in certain markets in Southeast Asia last year.

“The Chinese market is one of our next targets, but a coated probiotic feed product such as Vanalis Pro would have to be tailored to local shrimp requirements,”​ said Marc Campet, ADM Aquaculture Business Development Director in Asia.

The agribusiness giant is increasingly focused on the aquaculture segment in terms of its growth strategy for animal nutrition in Asia, and Ocialis functional shrimp and fish feeds will comprise a major part of that expansion effort. The company anticipates releasing two to three new products under its Life Defense category in the next 12 months, added Campet.

India is not a target market for the company’s functional feed business right now though: “The shrimp feed market in India is highly competitive, and farmers there have had a difficult season due to the impact of both the COVID-19 pandemic and pathogenic load. We also currently don’t have production capacity for functional shrimp feed there and exporting from our Vietnamese base to India would not make sense.”

Tailoring feeds to local conditions

To be really effective, functional feeds and the corresponding consultation services the company offers to farmers, must be tailored to the specific industrial and environmental conditions of any given shrimp market, noted Christophe Blondet, VP of Product Development & Applications, Animal Nutrition, ADM, when talking about the company’s expansion plans.