Animal Rescue League removes 67 cats from one South Shore home

DEDHAM — The Animal Rescue League of Boston removed 67 cats from a South Shore home and more than half of them have already been adopted.

Associate Director of Community Operations Sam Fincke said they took in the 67 cats recently after a South Shore resident called asking for help.

The Animal Rescue League is withholding the name of the resident and declined to name the South Shore town.

Of the 67 cats removed from the house, 37 have already been adopted. One cat was returned to the South Shore resident who called asking for help. On Wednesday, Nov. 24 there were no cats available for adoption, although many are expected to be available over the weekend once they are spayed or neutered.

“Cats in group housing situations are usually a little shyer but these cats were friendly, and we were lucky to move forward so quickly with adoptions,” Fincke said.

Most of the cats were 3 years old or younger, and a lot were 1-year-olds, born during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For the most part, they were in really good health but some had upper respiratory infections, which is really common when you have that many living together,” Fincke said.

The pandemic has made it harder for people to access veterinary care for cats, including spay and neutering services, and the shelter system has seen a slight increase in the number of “accidental litters,” she said.

Mando was surrendered from a house on the South Shore along with 66 other cats, mostly under the age of 3.

While 67 cats is the most the Animal Rescue League has seen from a single incident so far this year, it’s not the biggest surrendering event.

Mango mews for attention at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Mango was surrendered from a house on the South Shore along with 66 other cats, mostly under the age of 3.

Anyone who might have too many cats, dogs or other animals, needs to surrender an unintentional litter of kittens, report a cat colony, or otherwise ask for help, can call the Animal Rescue League of Boston at 617-426-9170.

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