April 20, 2021


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Animal Shelter Encourages Fostering Over the Holidays

CINCINNATI — As families are making plans around the holidays, so are animal shelters across the state, making sure more animals find a forever home. One shelter’s mission is to get all of its animals into foster homes, so they have a family to be around for the holidays. 

What You Need To Know

  • Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter is hosting its first ever Silent Night at the Shelter
  • The event encourages people to foster animals over the holidays so that the shelter is silent through Christmas and New Years
  • The shelter is hopeful that some of the animals find their forever homes with their foster families

​Usually walking into an animal shelter, people hear a lot of barking. But this year, the Cincinnati Animal CARE shelter wanted to change that for the holidays.

“We want it to be a literal silent night here at the shelter so if you came in on Christmas Eve, you don’t hear any barking, you don’t hear any meowing because all the animals are out in foster homes,”said Ray Anderson, media and communication relations manager for Cincinnati Animal CARE.

The shelter is hosting its first silent night at the shelter, with a goal to have all animals in foster homes for the holidays. So far, they’ve succeeded. 

“The response has been overwhelming,” Anderson said. “We weren’t sure, because this is the first year we’ve done this, we weren’t sure if it’s going to be one of those things where no one signs upon nobody gets what’s going on. But immediately everyone got it.”

That means almost 200 animals will have a family for Christmas and New Years. The shelter is hopeful that some of the animals won’t make it back to the shelter and find their forever home.

“It’s a lot of folks that wouldn’t normally foster anyway,” Anderson said. “So even if a small percentage of these animals get adopted through this program, it’s going to be a huge success for us.”

Foster families started picking up animals Monday.

“It was just fast paced, people coming in, it was basically a revolving door,” Anderson said. “This family comes in to pick up a dog, this family comes in to pick up a cat, and that just really kept going all day.”

But there are still a few slots that need to be filled for these animals. The Animal CARE shelter said it’s especially grateful for all its volunteers and foster families through this trying year.

“To see the community not only step up, but also be so overwhelmingly supportive of us has been great,” Anderson said. “And yes, this year in particular has been a really tough year to do it.”