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Animals removed from Jackson Animal Shelter for slated renovations

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – Renovations will soon get underway at the Jackson Animal Shelter which has had building problems for the past several years. Animal advocates have been working with the city to get the needed improvements while caring for the sheltered animals.

Wednesday it was all quiet at the Jackson Animal Shelter, where the last dogs and cats were removed so overdue repairs could be made. But animal advocates say much more is needed than just a building fix.

“There’s been deferred maintenance, and that’s being kind. Actually there’s been no maintenance or repairs at the shelter,” said Lyn Crawford.

The director of Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter said her organization is responsible for the vet care, vaccinations and adoptions of the dogs and cats that end up in the city shelter.

An assessment of the building found poor ventilation, unkempt conditions and little animal care.

“What really needs to happen, the real issue is the lack of management, the lack of oversight, the lack of supervision of any of the employees down there to make them do their jobs and offer compassionate care to the animals,” said Crawford.

JPD Commander Jaye Coleman is over animal control and says there have been issues, including a lack of manpower, but the shelter is to house abandoned, stray and dangerous animals they’ve picked up. He said the city works with non-profits for animal care.

“We don’t have the luxury of having a private kennel and a veterinarian for each individual dog that comes in, but we try to find the most humane treatment for that dog if their temperament is deemed where they can be adopted,” said Coleman.

Jackson City Council President Virgi Lindsay saw neglect when she toured the facility with the mayor two weeks ago.

“The badly needed improvements are finally moving forward, and I’m so grateful for that,” said Lindsay. “We need a good healthy facility for the animals.”

Best Friends Animal Society, CARA, MARL and others moved the animals from the shelter. No word yet from the city when repairs will start or the cost.

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