Animals saved from Clay County home get adopted

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A major adoption event all spawned from a massive animal seizure…

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A major adoption event all spawned from a massive animal seizure off a Clay County Property, where 266 animals were seized in deplorable conditions from a home on Old Jennings Road.

The community came out to adopt many of those animals and give them a new home.

A new chance on life for dogs, cats, and all sorts of animals. Many of the animals were seized off this property on Old Jennings Road. News4Jax has been following the case and the status of the animals as they were nursed back to health at the Clay County Fairgrounds.

Rhys Montgomery adopted one of the animals.

“We decided to come out and get a dog and support things and local dogs that needed help,” Montgomery said. “Because this one needed help.”

The animals certainly did need help. In a court hearing, prosecutors showed an hour of video shot by the responding veterinarian of the animals living in all sorts of feces and filth.

Surprisingly at that hearing, all the animals were still alive. Now weeks later many have a new lease on life.


April Auriene also adopted one of the dogs.

“They’ve been through a lot,” Auriene said. “So for them to have a good home. A good family and nourishment. Everything they need it’s going to be great.”

County prosecutors are still working through the case with the property owner who did not show up in court weeks ago for a recent hearing. Prosecutors told the judge they will push for the property owner to pay for all the costs the county incurred.

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