Animal Nutrition

BASF and trinamiX tool designed to enhance feed formulation, quality control

Having significantly miniaturized conventional Near Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, they said they have paved the way for a high-performance ‘lab in the pocket’

The partners added that the handheld device provides customers across the entire value chain with a fast and reliable on-site analysis of animal feed and ingredients. 

Customers can receive relevant insights into the quality and nutritional value of samples at the push of a button. The solution thus enhances feed formulation and quality control, said the collaborators.

“The mobile device from trinamiX and BASF can be used anywhere in the feed industry, regardless of the size of the companies.

“In terms of its use at feed manufacturing plants, the incoming inspection of raw materials and the outgoing inspection of finished feeds are ideal areas of application. Fast results are needed here, and that is exactly what the device from trinamiX and BASF delivers,”​  Dr Gerd Diebold, global product management and marketing performance, ingredients and solutions, BASF, told FeedNavigator.

In addition, the parties see many possible applications in the agricultural sector, the tool can enable rapid analyses of feed and ingredients immediately and on site, such as silage evaluation or for on-farm feed production, he said.

Nutrient composition

Differing needs across life and health stages as well as changing raw materials require constant dietary adjustments. “Gaining transparency on the nutrient composition of feed is key when addressing livestock requirements. Using our mobile NIR solution, feed millers, nutritionists, and farmers get a fast and independent solution to guarantee the quality of animal diets.”