Big dog’s reaction to tiny pooch trying to take its blanket is hilarious. Watch | Trending

The video involving the big dog, the tiny pooch, and a blanket was posted on Reddit.

What is better than seeing a video of a tiny goofy doggo? It is a clip that shows that tiny goofy doggo trying to take a blanket from a big dog. Shared on Reddit, the video is all kinds of funny. And chances are, it will leave you chuckling.

The video has been shared with an appropriate caption. “No more peaceful naps,” it reads. The video opens to show a big dog sitting on a bed with a blanket underneath it. What is hilarious to see is a tiny pooch, standing on the floor, trying to take away the blanket by grabbing it with its mouth.

That is, however, not all that the clip showcases. It also captures the big dog’s reaction to the whole situation.

Take a look at the video:

The video has been shared about 11 hours ago. Since being posted, the clip has accumulated more than 1,300 upvotes and counting. The post has also received several reactions.

“I love it when a dog or cat gives you the “Really?” look,” wrote a Reddit user. To which, the original poster replied, “I was filming for my family, but the big boys face was so funny I wanted to share.”

“The look says ‘Really? You just had to bring this thing home? What did I ever do to you?’,” joked another assuming what the big doggo would say to its human if it could. “And they said having a little brother would be great…,” posted a third.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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