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This video shows two adorable cats sitting on a bed. But one of them is going ham on its sibling’s tail!

Have you ever been in a situation where your mom has left you in charge of your siblings for a significant period of time when you were young? Have you been very annoyed by them but couldn’t really say much because of the responsibility that you had been entrusted with? If yes, chances are, you will be able to relate to this funny cat video.

Shared by the Instagram page – Meowed, this video shows two adorable cats sitting on a bed. In front of the older cat who is closer to the camera, viewers can see a tablet. Unfortunately, the cat is unable to even take a good look at whatever is going on in the tablet because of the immense amount of distraction that it is facing. What pain, you might ask? Well, the kitty sitting right behind it, is going ham on its sibling’s tail!

The older cat, however, sits very still and tries its best to endure this temporary distraction. “When my mom asks me to take care of my siblings while she’s not at home,” reads the caption that accompanies this funny yet adorable cat video.

Watch it here:


Shared about a day ago, this video has raked in more than 4.5 lakh views and several comments. The video was originally shared by a page on Instagram called Toranmaru.

“That tail, like a candle,” joked an Instagram user. “Poor brother,” commented another. “That’s a lot of patience,” posted a third. “Cats make me laugh,” confessed a fourth.

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