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A cat walks all over kid’s homework demanding pets. Watch adorable video.

Cats can be really attention-seeking. If you are a cat parent, you may have faced innumerable instances when it would disturb you by demanding food, pets, or even cuddles. And of course, they’re so sweet in those moments, you can’t help but love the attention they in turn shower on you. This video featuring a cat and little boy captures a similar scene.

The clip shared by Reddit user ‘Tigger’ opens to show a little boy holding a pencil, writing something on a notebook when his pet cat decides it needs his undivided attention. The kitty sits on the books and rubs its head on the boy’s forehead as if begging him to abandon his studies and focus on the cat instead. The little boy, dressed in his PJs, cannot hold back his smile. He eventually pets the cat and the feline seems all too happy with the loving attention.

Watch the adorable video below:

More than 63,300 Reddit users have liked the video since it was posted on October 21. Netizens have loved the video and some have even shared their funny takes on it.

“They’re both so adorable,” wrote a Redditor. “It was on that day that this child realized that the cat decides on when it’s time for work and when it’s time for acat,” wrote another.

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