Cats hold owner’s new blender hostage: #Sendtheboxes

For some reason, cats love boxes.

Adopting the “if I fits, I sits” mantra, cats will find their way into or on top of boxes, and sometimes will drive their owners to the brink of frustration. If you don’t believe it, just ask Jessica Gerson-Neeves, 40, of Victoria, British Columbia.

In a Jan. 2 Facebook post, Gerson-Neeves messaged the blender company Vitamix with the “weirdest contact you’ve ever received,” detailing the stalemate involving her and her three cats: Max, Lando Calrissian and “George, Destroyer of Worlds.”

Gerson-Neeves said she and her wife, Nikii, 38, have long wanted a Vitamix blender. The couple saw there was a Black Friday sale on a blender on Amazon and decided to buy it.

They were ecstatic about it arriving on their doorstep, so the couple brought it inside and put it on the kitchen floor. But “that was the first mistake.”