Animal Nutrition

Change to PAPs rules set to come into force in autumn

On Tuesday [June 22] the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament (ENVI) backed the draft Commission Regulation amending Annex IV to Regulation (EC) No 999/2001 – also known as the BSE regulation – that would lift the ban on using pig PAPs in poultry feed, poultry PAPs in pig feed, insect PAPs in pig and poultry feed, and ruminant collagen/gelatin in non-ruminant feed.

The regulation had been given the green light by the member states in April, leaving MEPs three months to scrutinize the text and raise an objection before it came into force.

Piernicola Pedicini, an Italian MEP in the Greens group, had sought to build a majority in the parliament’s environment committee to record an objection, but was unable to garner such support.

“The proposed measure will unfortunately not solve our dependency on soybean imports for animal feed and it does not push for a positive shift towards extensive farming,”​ according to a story in The Guardian citing the Italian politician.

There has been a ban on the use of PAPs in animal diets in the EU since 2001, following the BSE crisis. The ban was lifted on the use of such proteins in fish feed in 2013.

Milestone for insect protein sector 

IPIFF president, Adriana Casillas, commented: “The upcoming authorization represents a relevant milestone for our sector, as it will unlock two of the key markets targeted by insects as feed producers. It will therefore be instrumental in upscaling the European insect sector.”

According to IPIFF, the authorization of insect PAPs in poultry and pig feed would contribute to improving the sustainability of the European livestock sector as well as making it more competitive. It would also enable a reduction in EU’s protein deficit. “More widely, it would improve the resilience of agri-food supply, in line with the objective of the EU Farm to Fork strategy and of the new Circular Economy Action Plan,​” remarked IPIFF vice president, Aman Paul.