April 20, 2021


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Chania: Man Accused Of Animal Cruelty, Turns Himself In

A 55-year-old man accused of abusing his dog in Chania earlier this week, turned himself into police on Thursday.

In his backyard, the man tied up his dog and cut its testicles with a sharp object.

The news sparked grief and outrage on social media.

The dog survived the bestiality after being saved by a German national walking by the yard, who heard it bark rapidly.

He underwent surgery at the nearest vet clinic. Once he recovered from the anesthesia, the dog wagged his tail to the vet who saved his life.

Cretan man accused of animal cruelty, turns himself in

According to reports, the 55-year-old man was accompanied by his lawyer to the police station. It is alleged the man wanted to “calm the dog down”, according to Ekriti.

His wife also testified that her husband proceeded to brutally torture the animal, because it wanted to play, but he was busy.

The man was fined €30,000 for animal abuse and suspended from the local Public Power Company where he works, until the investigation concludes.

Meanwhile, Minister of Rural Development and Food Makis Voridis stated that the government will push for the introduction of a stricter criminal framework that will make the prosecution and punishment of animal abusers more effective.

“In the immediate future, we will propose the adoption of such legislation to Parliament,” he said.