Coors Field Cat is cancer-free, will be returned to ballpark

A text message flashed across my phone screen Thursday night: “GUESS WHO DOES NOT HAVE CANCER?!?!”

The number it came from wasn’t saved in my phone, and a recent text clear-out meant I had no idea who this important message was from. But my heart skipped a beat nonetheless.

I flipped through my brain Rolodex, trying to deduce whose health news I was celebrating, but my question was answered soon enough by a follow-up message.

The Coors Field Cat — not the one that streaked across the field during a Rockies game in April, but the one spotted so often by fans in the stadium that it has its own Twitter account — is officially cancer-free following a recent health scare.

The feral cat, one of a number living in and around the ballpark in Lower Downtown, was captured late last month by local cat lady and kitten fosterer Jenni Leigh, who planned to get the stray feline spayed and return her to her baseball kingdom.