Farmer network organization launches animal health and nutrition platform in the US

The Minnesota based Prairie Livestock Supply, a subsidiary of Prairie Holdings Group, has been acquired…

The Minnesota based Prairie Livestock Supply, a subsidiary of Prairie Holdings Group, has been acquired by FBN.

That company provides feed and nutrition services along with pharmaceuticals for swine, beef, dairy and poultry. Its team of 40 veterinarians, animal health sales specialists and nutritionists with expertise in swine, beef, dairy and poultry will join FBN.

In addition, through this new deal, the organization said its members in select US states will be able to access clinical veterinary services for beef, swine, and dairy through a partnership with Southwest Veterinary Services.

With industry consolidation squeezing family farm and ranch incomes, and increasing consumer interest in how food is produced, the organization says US livestock producers need every tool possible to maximize their profit potential and sustainability.

FBN said it believes that ongoing mergers among pharmaceutical manufacturers and feed retailers leave producers with less choice and competition for their business. It wants to improve the profit potential of the entire farm operation — from seed genetics to finished livestock.

“Independent family livestock producers are at a critical crossroads,”​ said Charles Baron, FBN VP of Livestock and co-founder. “Improving both the producer economics and environmental sustainability of livestock is the best way to ensure farms are family run for generations to come.”​ He stressed that FBN is now able to do both. 

When asked by how much this nutrition platform could reduce feed costs for members, he told FeedNavigator: “Every producer’s situation is different. Some may have very competitive pricing already and some may not. We have seen savings as high as 20{c93c05115eae7b2853c4a44517667f24b04dafe21463d3cb653b86ff5269b0fa} on certain products. Even farms who currently have very good pricing, find using FBN’s financing options very helpful in reducing working capital loads.”