Animal Nutrition

Farmers Business Network Launches Animal Health and Nutrition Platform

Farmer’s Business Network Tuesday launched an animal health and nutrition platform by acquiring the Prairie Livestock Supply business. FBN claims the move will provide more choice for independent livestock producers and more competition for their business. The acquisition adds Prairie Livestock Supply, a pharmaceuticals supplier for swine, beef, dairy, and poultry, and ProPig and ProCattle, a feed and nutrition services provider, to the FBN portfolio. The acquisition adds a team of 40 professionals, including veterinarians, animal health sales specialists, and nutritionists with expertise in swine, beef, dairy and poultry. FBN members in select states can now also access clinical veterinary services for beef cattle, swine, and dairy through FBN partners. With industry consolidation and increasing consumer interest in how food is produced, FBN says it “recognizes that livestock producers need every tool possible to maximize their profit potential and sustainability.” FBN’s Charles Baron says, “Improving both the producer economics and environmental sustainability of livestock is the best way to ensure farms are family-run for generations to come.”