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Felix Biotechnology to Collaborate with AnimalBiome on a Novel Solution for Pet Diarrhea

There is a growing need for chemical-free and safe antimicrobial solutions that selectively remove problematic bacteria while preserving the beneficial bacteria of the microbiome. Felix’s platform can be leveraged against a broad range of problem bacterial species. The company has several on-going partnerships to develop phage-based solutions with personal care and cosmetic companies, and this deal expands their footprint into animal health.

Bacteriophage, or phage, are tiny viruses that infect and kill bacteria. By combining machine learning and synthetic biology, Felix engineers phage to overcome the main hurdles facing the broad adoption of phage technologies today: narrow spectrum and phage resistance. 

“We are committed to finding a better solution for this common affliction plaguing pets and distressing their owners,” says Dr. Natalie Ma, Felix Cofounder and Head of BD at Felix. “Through our unique approach to phage technologies, we will create a safe, chemical-free, durable and effective treatment for this pernicious pathogen.”

“At AnimalBiome, we are focused on providing new microbiome-focused solutions to help pets and their owners. Phage technology offers great promise in reducing the use of antibiotics in the treatment of bacterial pathogens, protecting beneficial microbes, and supporting better health and wellness,” says Dr. Holly Ganz, CSO of AnimalBiome, “We are excited to work with Felix to develop new products specifically designed for pathogens afflicting companion animals.”

About AnimalBiome
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded in 2016, AnimalBiome advances pet health through gut and oral microbiome research and products, and is creating a new category within in the growing $14 billion pet food, supplement, and veterinary care market. AnimalBiome was founded by scientists who are passionate about pets and uses science to improve animal health. AnimalBiome markets and sells a spectrum of products addressing digestive, skin, and oral health, from testing to targeted microbiome supplements to restore and maintain pet health. More information is available at

About Felix Biotechnology
Felix Biotechnology is focused on discovering, developing and deploying customizable antimicrobials targeting urgent microbial threats. Felix’s discovery and engineering technology platforms, built on technology from Yale University and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, generate solutions that overcome the key limitations of traditional antimicrobials to kill targeted bacteria while preserving healthy microbiome function. Felix is a seed stage company funded by multiple investors, including Y Combinator, Illumina Accelerator and Point72 Ventures. More information is available at

SOURCE Felix Biotechnology, Inc.