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WESTLAKE, Ohio — I guess we are affectionately known as “foster failures.” We have fostered…

WESTLAKE, Ohio — I guess we are affectionately known as “foster failures.” We have fostered two families of kittens from Love a Stray in Avon, and each time some have remained as part of our family.

On one of our many visits to take our foster kittens for vaccines and checkups, I visited the Love a Stray “barn.” Many cats permanently live at the barn, as due to various health ailments they are unable to be taken to routine adoption events.

It was love at first sight (or should I say purr) for Cicero and me. He is the most loving, affectionate, trusting cat I have ever known. This big boy let me pick him up, rested both paws on my shoulders and just purred away while I petted him.

Cicero had been taken in by Love a Stray and had roamed free in the barn for years while the staff took great care of him. Cicero has chronic upper respiratory infections that require special care, prohibiting him from a normal adoption. But I just had to adopt this special boy and give him a loving home.

Cicero has the most gentle spirit, and just gives us so much joy. My heart bursts to see him enjoying his forever home.

We have been able to find new, effective treatments for his medical condition. Cicero is 12 now, and spends a considerable amount of time napping on comfy couch cushions or in one of our many cat tree houses.

He absolutely loves to spend some monitored time outside chomping away on leaves and smelling the fresh air.

Cicero is the senior member of our pet family and will not hesitate to give a good nose whap if his dog or cat sisters get out of line!

At bedtime, Cicero is generous, allowing me a couple inches of pillow as he purrs away sleeping by my head.

We love this boy so much and could not image life without him!

Lisa Drazil,


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