July 25, 2021


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Gov. Abbott called ‘dog-hater’ after vetoing animal cruelty bill

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) — Governor Abbott vetoed a multitude of bills on June 21, including one that was geared towards protecting dogs.

Senate Bill 474, the Safe Outdoor Dogs Act, was aimed to set clear standards for outlawing poor treatment of dogs.

According to the bill’s author, Senator Eddie Lucio Jr., the bill would have required a dog to have adequate shelter, an area to avoid standing water, shade from direct sunlight, and drinkable water.

The bill would have also prohibited the use of heavy or short restraints such as chains or weighted restraints around the neck of the dog — exceptions for hunting, agricultural activities, or dog walking.

Abbott released his veto statement in regard to the bill, stating that it was “micromanaging” and “over-criminalization.”

Following the governor’s veto, #AbbottHatesDogs began to trend on Twitter. The hashtag was used by Texans and by people around the U.S.

“I do not agree with Governor Abbott,” said Lucio. “That bill would not have led to overcriminalization.”

Lucio told KVEO he will begin the revision process and try to pass the bill again during the Senate’s next special on July 8.

“We will certainly make clear legislative intent because we want to protect our animals,” said Lucio.