Little Rock woman, dog shot with airsoft gun Halloween night | KLRT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A Little Rock woman is now asking for the public’s help…

LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A Little Rock woman is now asking for the public’s help to catch the person who shot at her and her dog with an airsoft gun Sunday night.

Katie, who didn’t want her last name shared, says she was walking her dog in the Treasure Hills neighborhood just after 10 p.m. Sunday.

She says she noticed a black SUV pull into her neighborhood, slow down and turn off the headlights.

“When they slowed down driving past me, I thought this could be unusual,” Katie said.

Katie says the car pulled up to meet her at her front yard, rolled down the window and started shooting.

“I heard [the sounds] of an airsoft gun of some sort and then felt the pellets hit me,” Katie said.

Katie says she was hit in the chest and the arms. She is unaware if her dog was injured.

She says the car quickly drove off and that’s when she called her neighbor, asking if she had gotten any video of the incident on her ring doorbell.

“She was innocent just standing out here. I was mad,” the neighbor said.

The neighbor, who wanted to remain anonymous, says her doorbell didn’t catch any recording but is hoping someone else’s did.

The two now asking those who live in the area to check any security cameras for a black SUV in the area around 10:15 p.m.

“It was scary because what if it wasn’t plastic BB’s? What if it was something worse,” the neighbor said.

They’re hoping they can catch the driver and hold them responsible.

“I just don’t think that falls under the usual Halloween pranks,” Katie said.