Mahoning County celebrates 10 years of dog-saving partnership with Friends of Fido

CORNERSBURG, Ohio (WKBN) — Mahoning County officials met Saturday to celebrate 10 years of saving dogs with Friends of Fido.

Friends of Fido is a non-profit rescue group that helps the Mahoning County Dog Warden with fundraising, education and promotion.

In 10 years, Friends of Fido has raised almost $900,000 on top of veterinary services, transportation and providing equipment to the dog warden.

Without its help, the dog warden wouldn’t be able to help as many dogs.

“When you see some of these dogs in such critical situations or near death and you can watch the dog from beginning to end get the veterinary care they need, possibly the training they need and then move it into a home and watch that dog be successful, that’s exactly what we’re here for,” said Mahoning County dog warden Dianne Fry.

“We have a lot of dogs that are in need of rescue, we have a lot of dogs who are sick. They’re out on the front line doing transport for us, they’re out there assisting us with various things at our dog pound to help enable their lives, make their lives better and help us,” said Mahoning County commissioner Anthony Traficanti.

The event was held at Davidson’s in Cornersburg and included a basket raffle and 50/50.