Multiple cat snatchings reported to Hutchinson police

Hutchinson police are investigating claims of cats being snatched from the streets of Hutchinson.

Only one person has actually filed a report of a pet being taken, though there were multiple reports of feral cats missing, said Hutchinson Police Capt. Thad Pickard.

“We are taking it seriously, and we are investigating,” Pickard said. “We don’t know how widespread it might be.”

Posts on several different Facebook sites contend the animals are being used to train dogs to fight, but Pickard and Det. Division Commander Lt. Dustin Loepp declined to speculate.

“I hadn’t seen my cat since Friday (Oct. 22),” said Linda J. Allen, 66, who has filed a lone report. “I went out to call for him, and my neighbor asked if I was looking for my cat, Pooh. He said a white pickup truck with two people in it had my cat. They asked him if it was his, and when he said it was not, they drove off. He couldn’t remember what they looked like.”

Another neighbor who lives across the alley from Allen has cameras set up and recorded the white pickup, which appears to be an older model Dodge with a club cab, driving through the alley.

Linda Allen believes the occupants of this truck, captured on a neighborhood video camera, took her cat on Oct. 21 and is seeking help finding it. Hutchinson Police are investing reports of cat snatchings in the city.

“One picture shows the (truck) passenger holding a cat looking out the window,” Allen said.

The timestamp showed it was taken just before noon, Oct. 21.

Allen said the officer who took her report advised anyone missing a cat they believe was taken should report it.

Pickard said Allen’s was the only report. However, he couldn’t say how many feral cats people have reported missing because they don’t generate reports for that, since they are free-range and don’t belong to anyone, so there is no crime.