Nonprofit seeks help in curbing Licking County’s feral cat problem

At a recent Sunday clinic, volunteers for a Licking County nonprofit spent hours spaying and neutering 36 feral cats – and that was actually somewhat of a slow day.

“With our team of volunteers, we spay or neuter anywhere from 40 to 75 cats is our max now – our record – in one day,” said Dr. Joanna Reen, founder of Licking County TNR (Trap Neuter Release).

The Licking County nonprofit aimed at spaying and neutering cats has seen a spike in demand for its services, and now is raising money to outfit a used RV as a mobile surgical unit.

Reen said her organization officially became a nonprofit in 2018 after being founded a year prior. A veterinarian, Reen said she long saw a need for a TNR program in Licking County.