Pet Dog Saves Life Of A Baby, Twitter Reacts

Kelly Andrew shared a picture of her baby girl, who spent the night at a hospital

A Twitter user has shared the heartwarming tale of how their dog saved the life of their baby girl. The woman, who goes by Kelly Andrew on Twitter, said that their dog kept breaking into the nursery and kept trying to wake their baby up. The family could barely understand its behaviour. Speaking about the incident, Ms Andrew tweeted: “Last night the dog kept breaking into the nursery and waking the baby. She’s been sick, and I was getting so fed up with him.”

She elaborated on the incident in a Twitter thread on Tuesday, which has been retweeted over 5,000 times and counting. With over 69,000 likes, the thread has touched the hearts of many. 

However, it’s because of the constant nagging of the dog that the parents realised that their baby had stopped breathing. The canine was only trying to wake up the baby. The tweet continued, “We spent the night in the hospital. I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t woken her. We don’t deserve dogs.”

The mother also shared an update about the dog, named Henry, and her baby’s health. She wrote, “The baby is doing much better today and we are home with Henry, who bravely held the fort all night even though he is scared of the dark.” We also see a snapshot of Henry in this tweet. Take a look:

Another tweet followed that thanked other users who shared their “beautiful anecdotes of dogs and cats acting as angels for their humans.” It added, “Thanks for sharing all the goodness.”

Ms Andrew did not stop at simply gushing about her pet pooch. She went on to give a shout out to Connecticut Children’s hospital for the healthcare they provided.

A person recollected how he had survived Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) because of their pet cat.

Some of them noted how their pet dogs and cats would help them cope with depression or mood swings.

One user wrote how a dog stayed by its owner’s side in order to help her deal with a low diabetic seizure. The tweet read, “Her dog, never left her side from the moment she wasn’t feeling well and alerted my dad too when her seizure started.”

Tweets about dogs and cats saving their human’s lives have flooded the post and we are not at all complaining.

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