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Pet Flavors receives significant investment from Bessemer Investors

The pet pharmaceutical company partners with the New York-based investment firm to propel its development of flavors for pet medicines and supplements.

Pet Flavors, LLC (ie, “Pet Flavors” or “The Company”)—a producer of pharmaceutical-grade flavor bases and palatants used in chewable pharmaceuticals for pets—and New York-based investment firm Bessemer Investors, announced that Bessemer has made a noteworthy investment in Pet Flavors and is partnering with the company’s founder and president, Mark Pieloch.

According to a company release, Bessemer strives to cultivate Pet Flavors as its platform investment in the companion animal health industry. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Bessemer as we move toward the next stage in our growth,” said Pieloch.

“The Bessemer team is aligned with our values, and we believe their long-term and flexible approach will help us expand into additional products while continuing to strengthen our alliances with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies all over the world. We are proud of our role in keeping pets healthy and their owners happy,” he added.

Since 1990, Pet Flavors has provided flavor bases used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products consumed by pets, according to the release. The flavor bases contain high-quality US-sourced ingredients that are developed exclusively at the company’s USDA-licensed Melbourne, Florida facility. Each flavor base is tested by independent US-based FDA/USDA-approved laboratories to ensure all physical, chemical, and microbiological specifications are met and that stability testing is updated frequently.

In addition, animal health drug manufacturers use Pet Flavors’ palatants in their FDA-approved pet medications due to the company’s advanced customer service, quality of production, and product palatability. Apart from the company’s leading PC-0125 artificial beef product, Pet Flavors’ offers an assortment of flavors such as a newly created hypoallergenic and vegan base flavor.

“Pet parents want the experience of giving their pets medication to be as seamless as possible, which makes flavoring a key component of that relationship. Pet Flavors’ commitment to quality and execution as well as its strong relationships with top animal health and supplement companies have helped it establish a reputation as the leading manufacturer of flavor bases,” said Andrew Mendelsohn, principal at Bessemer.

“We are excited to team with Mark and the Company to build on their 30-year history of market leadership, innovation, and partnership with the leading global animal health companies,” he continued.


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