February 25, 2021


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Pet Valu donates Thanksgiving feast to local shelter animals (4 photos)

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138,000 servings of donated pet food to be distributed by the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society to pets in need across Ontario




The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is feeling very thankful as it prepares for Thanksgiving this weekend. Trucks from Pet Valu Canada have begun arriving at the Ontario SPCA’s Midland temporary storage facility packed with Performatrin Ultra Petite Bowls for cats and dogs. By the end of the week, a total of 52 skids of donated pet food, each weighing 800 pounds, will have been delivered to the warehouse to feed animals in need.  

“We are very grateful to Pet Valu Canada for making such a generous donation. This donation amounts to 138,000 servings of pet food. It is so sizeable it will take three days to deliver it all to the storage facility,” says Stephanie Miller, Sr. Director Community and Donor Development, Ontario SPCA. “It is very fitting the food arrived in time for Thanksgiving, but it will help animals in need well beyond this weekend.”  

The Ontario SPCA will distribute the pet food to communities across Ontario. Some of the food will go to Northern Ontario to help animals in Indigenous communities.

Another portion will be distributed to food banks and Ontario SPCA affiliate partners who are experiencing declines in product donations because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The remainder will be allocated to the Ontario SPCA’s support program so members of the public who need pet food will be able to access it. Due to the size of the donation, it will take several weeks for the Ontario SPCA to deliver it across the province.  

“Giving back is one of Pet Valu’s core values. All of our stores raise funds for local animal rescues in their communities and host adoption events to find homeless pets the right forever homes. We’ve also funded four clinic and transportation vehicles, which enable animal rescue organizations to broaden their impact and help even more pets,” says Rose Ferrante, VP Marketing, Pet Valu. “The Ontario SPCA and its affiliates provide invaluable care and shelter to tens of thousands of animals each year so we are delighted we are able to provide some help during this particularly challenging time.”  

The donated food includes 40,000 pounds of Performatrin Ultra Petite Bowls for cats and dogs. Made with premium ingredients, each single-serving bowl provides pets with a wholesome, delicious and protein-rich meal.