July 25, 2021


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Purina and Natures Crops team up to develop equine supplements

Specialty oil manufacturer Natures Crops International has entered into an exclusive USA supply deal with Purina Animal Nutrition for Ahiflower oil in equine supplements.

Andrew Hebard, CEO of Natures Crops, said that being able to provide plant-derived ingredients that are supported by science, traceable back to their source farms, and regeneratively grown is not just a trend—It’s rapidly becoming a prerequisite.


Ahiflower oil’s fatty acid composition includes omega-3 SDA and omega-6 GLA levels as well as an 85% total polyunsaturated fatty acid content. Through research led by Dr. Robert Jacobs, Ahiflower oil was found to have high palatability and a capacity to more closely match the omega nutritional effects of pasture grasses in horses. The team’s initial findings were recently published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Purina’s product development team said Ahiflower fills an important gap for horses that don’t have regular access to fresh pasture, hence the name “OmegaMatch.” 

“Extensive research has now shown that horses are able to take in the specific plant-based omegas in Ahiflower Oil and metabolize them into a long chain, highly unsaturated fatty acid, such as EPA. In the process of metabolizing EPA (as opposed to taking preformed from fish oil) horses gain a comprehensive omega fatty acid supplementation benefit supporting joint, cardiovascular, skin, respiratory and reproductive health, muscles, and immune function,” ​explained Hebard. 

“Like humans, if horses have adequate access to complete and balanced, plant-derived omega sources, their dietary needs can often be met without supplementation. However, where dietary limitations exist, such as inadequate quality or quantity of pasture grazing, or there are specific health targets that horse owners are trying to meet, then balanced omega supplementation can be highly beneficial. In these cases you want to give your horse the best product available, which we feel is Ahiflower. Purina named the line ‘OmegaMatch’ for a reason. Their independent equine science confirms that Ahiflower oil most closely matches certain omega intake levels and ratios obtained from pasture grasses.”