April 20, 2021


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Silver Belt | Gila County Animal Care & Control and generous donors save Penny

Run down by a hit-and-run driver last week, a two-year old female Labrador mix named Penny is healing after a team effort including Gila County Animal Care & Control, local groomer Amanda Haas, generous donors who helped defray $6,000 in surgery and care bills Amanda was facing — and our own Samaritan Veterinary Clinic here in Globe. For now she’s been nicknamed Penny, as in ‘Lucky Penny.’ Donors are still welcome to help; complete contact information is below, and here’s an update from Gila County Animal Care & Control Officer Felicia Ihrig.
“They say ‘it takes a village,’ and here’s another prime example of just how we truly are that caring community,” wrote Ihrig. “Penny is alive thanks to the local man who found her hit on the road in front of his house near Fourth and Monroe. He called Gila County Animal Care & Control, and stayed right beside her, giving Penny comfort and keeping her calm and safe while we drove over. Although frightened and seriously injured, she allowed me to wrap her up in a blanket and carry her to my truck. We took her to the Samaritan Vet Center for a medical exam, hoping to give this beautiful dog a second chance at life. Dr. Emily Eubank and the caring staff immediately examined her, and took blood and X-rays. Despite the pain she was in, Penny never growled or snapped at the staff — even while being positioned for X-rays. They confirmed she had sustained a separated pelvis, a dislocated tail and severe road rash to her front paw.”

“Gila County Animal Care & Control has a devoted following on our Facebook page. We posted her picture there and on other local social sites to attempt to contact the owner, but with no luck. However, Kate Haas, a staff member of the Samaritan Vet Center, was a part of Penny’s intake team when she arrived and immediately fell in love with her. Kate and her mother, Amanda Haas, started a Facebook fundraiser for Penny to receive life-saving surgery from a specialist in the valley. They were faced with more than $6,000 for her specialized veterinary care. Penny needed a screw inserted into her hip, and her tail and toe had to be amputated. Kate and Amanda Haas, along with the Samaritan Vet Center, are continuing her post-operative care for the next several months.”

“This is one of those times where I’m so proud to be part of the team working for Gila County Animal Care & Control – having a chance to save a life, and to see the good in our community. Thank you to the kind man who called for help and kept Penny safe until I arrived on the scene, to Samaritan Vet for their care, which is always excellent and compassionate, to both Kate and Amanda Haas and to every single person who made donations. Penny has a second chance at a long life because Gila County came together as a team.”
Want to join that caring community? Like and follow facebook.com/GilaCountyAnimalCare for lost-and-found updates on strays (even the occasional duck or tortoise!) and posts about adoptable dogs, local fundraisers, pet care reminders and news. If you’d like to donate and help Amanda Haas defray continuing bills for Penny’s care, or arrange other donations of dog food, bedding supplies or cash to Gila County Animal Care & Control, please call (928) 425-5882.