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The video shows a smart cat who devises a new way to climb a fence…

The video shows a smart cat who devises a new way to climb a fence by exerting minimum efforts.

Cats can go to any extent to make sure that they only exert a minimal amount of energy in doing whatever it is that they need to do so as to enjoy life. And the videos capturing that behaviour of the cats are super fun to watch. Just like this video that shows a cat named Mary-Jane initially trying to climb a fence to watch what is happening beyond it but later coming up with a better plan to do so.

The video opens to show how this cat just holds onto the top of the fence with its forelimbs and keeps its hindlimbs on the backer rails that hold the fence together. And funnily enough, in this way, the cat continues to move towards the left of the fence where it can stand on the corner and take a look at what is happening in the neighbourhood.

The video continues to show how after finally reaching the corner of the fence, the cat climbs on top of it and stands proudly as if it has just scaled some mountain peak. The catto then takes a look around to observe what is happening and even turns back as if to see if anyone saw it be so brave and skilled.

Watch the funny cat video here:

The video was shot in Los Angeles, California in the United States.

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