May 19, 2021


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St. Clair County Animal Control sees uptick in abandoned animals

A dachshund dubbed Marty McFly was recently adopted out of St. Clair County Animal Control. 

But about a week prior to finding his forever home, the pup was found abandoned in a crate on the side of Markel Road in Cottrellville Township with no food or water. 

St. Clair County Animal Control Director Melissa Miller said he was one of several abandoned animals recently taken into the shelter. She said a pet owner’s decision to abandon their animal is preventable, while also punishable by law. 

Miller said the dachshund was dehydrated and hungry when he was found. He was scared, but warmed up to shelter staff quickly. 

Financial hardship is a common reason for abandonment, Miller said. If someone losses their job or home, they might think they have no other options to care for their pet and let them go.