St. Louis shelter CARE STL takes in dozens of cats

CARE STL is in need of supplies and extra help after authorities brought dozens of…

CARE STL is in need of supplies and extra help after authorities brought dozens of cats from a man’s home

ST. LOUIS — Animal shelters across the country are dealing with overcrowding.

Cate Redfern who works for CARE STL said it’s no different in the St. Louis area.

“Right now, we have 113 dogs in our shelter. We are comfortable with around 70,” Redfern said. “We have about 67 cats in the shelter. We would be comfortable at around 50, and when I say comfortable that is just in terms of the load on staff to be able to manage taking care of all of them.”

On Monday, they found out they’d have to take in even more animals after authorities extracted cats from a man’s house.

CARE STL is expected to take in 80-100 cats and kittens all coming from one man’s home. This creates problems for an already overcrowded shelter that’s taking in more animals than they’re able to give away.

“They are community cats that have been taken care of by a resident of the city, and he is no longer able to take care of them and so we are bringing them all into the shelter this week,” Redfern said.

As an open admission no kill shelter, Redfern said they don’t turn animals away.

The cats are adding to the influx of animals they get during the holidays.

“People are surrendering their pets, because they don’t have anyone to take care of them if they’re traveling or because they don’t have anywhere to board them when their house is full of family,” Redfern said.

They’re asking the public for donations. Anything from cat litter, boxes and food bowls to large blankets and crates would help.

“Anybody who wants to donate time or money or any of the items on our wish list it would be very much appreciated,” Redfern said.

For more information on adopting, donating and volunteering visit the CARE STL website.