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    Ranking the NHL’s best team dogs

    The 2021-22 NHL season is well underway, and the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup has players across hockey begging to see their rivals go belly up. While the action heats up in this dog-eat-dog league, it’s time for a different kind of ranking: a countdown of the best NHL team dogs. For those who might be scratching their heads (or ears): Several teams around the NHL have team dogs, many of whom are training under different organizations to become service dogs. These precocious pups are seen around team facilities, cuddling up to the players, posing for photos with fans  

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    Opinion | What I Learned Testing My Dog’s DNA

    Curiosity is a great motivator, but my curiosity about Rascal’s breed mix would have come to nothing had I not submitted to a DNA test myself shortly before we adopted him. I wasn’t looking for my own genetic ancestry; I’m wary of what such tests reveal and warier still of how their results might be used. Commercial DNA testing has revealed family secrets, solved crimes long consigned to the cold-case files, even affected census results. From human genetics research — particularly studies involving identical twins — we know that DNA influences much of what we consider to be  

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    The 15 Best Cyber Monday Pet Deals (2021): For Dogs, Cats

    We love pets, but they’re little freeloaders. Between food, litter, toys, and all of the other accessories, it can feel as if you have a very cute roommate that refuses to pay rent. Your pleas to “get a job” may go unanswered, but everyone knows that belly rubs are priceless. We here at WIRED have enough pets among us for a zoo—maybe two—and we’ve tested an awful lot of pet supplies, toys, and gear. For Cyber Monday, a few of our favorites are on sale.  WIRED’s Cyber Monday Coverage We test products year-round and handpicked these deals. Products marked (Sold  

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    13 Dogs That Look Like Wolves

    Wolves are awe-inspiring wild animals unfortunately ill-suited to life as domesticated pets. And while there are a few wolf hybrids, these breeds are tricky and ownership is tightly regulated. But people who fantasize about bringing a cub into their pack can have the next best thing: a dog closely resembling a wolf instead. Gina DiNardo, Executive Secretary of the American Kennel Club (AKC) notes prehistoric dog breeders used wolves to create domestic dogs, meaning the animals share many physical traits. She told Newsweek: “Wolves are dogs’ ancestors, so it’s no wonder that some of them still resemble their shape, fur  

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    Excited Dog’s ‘Super Sonic’ Wiggling Has Internet in Stitches

    A video of a dog excitedly wiggling by a window has gone viral online, having been viewed by a staggering 18.1 million people. In the footage, the boxer, who is called Zoey Ann, can be seen shaking her docked tail as she stares out the window. Shared to TikTok by an account called Zoeyann_the_boxer, the animal then sees two little girls round the side of a pickup truck to enter the home and begins wiggling at a much faster speed, reverberating with excitement. The hilarious clip is made all the more amusing by the fact it is set to the  

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    Best Advent Calendars for Dogs: Gift Guide 2021

    This year, the pre-Christmas season of Advent begins on November 28 and ends on Christmas Eve. I wish I could tell you the ritual purpose and meaning of Advent, but it’s been so many years since I’ve left Catholic school I truly cannot even surmise what this stretch of time is supposed to mean. I think there are some purple candles involved? Anyway! One thing I know for sure, thanks to the number of targeted ads I’ve been receiving, is that Advent comes with its own special calendar, which contains some sort of treat for each day. And no one  

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    Loose dogs caught on camera killing cat in LeHigh Acres

    LEHIGH ACRES — A man in LeHigh Acres tells us two of his cats were violently killed by stray Pit Bulls. The dogs came onto his porch and attacked one of the cats, and the whole thing was caught his Ring doorbell camera. The video shows the dogs coming onto Terry Sorenson’s porch without collars. The dogs then spot the cat and go after it, attacking and killing it. “I seen those Pit Bulls attacking that kitty like that, it drove me nuts,” said Sorenson. Sorenson said he chased the dogs away before checking on his cat. “Came back and  

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    Holiday gift ideas for dogs, cats

    Support local journalism: Find offers for new subscribers here: Special Offers — USATodayNetwork. They have been nice all year, except perhaps for that little naughty wet spot on the carpet or the odd scratched couch. But, hey, it’s the holiday season, and your dog and cat deserve a little something under the tree. We know there are tons of options, so we’ve narrowed it down to some particularly fun, intriguing or tasty treats with which to regale your BFFs, or best furry friends, this time of year. We promise they won’t be returning or regifting these. Crazy for cats 

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