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In this video, an adorable cat named Sponge Cake, is being carried around New York…

In this video, an adorable cat named Sponge Cake, is being carried around New York City and Paris, by its human ‘paw dad’.

Oh, to go on a world tour with our loved ones and visit the best destinations with them by our side! What would your go-to place be? Would it be New York City? Or are you a Paris kind of person? Well, that can be a conversation for another day since this cat is already on its way to fulfill its wanderlust.

Being an Instagram-famous catto, Sponge Cake the Scottish fold, often takes to Instagram Reels. Here, it shares its journey with its human and how they, together, explore parts of New York City and even Paris, France. In this video, viewers can see that this adorable cat is being carried around these top world destinations by its human who is ever so happy to have his cat so close to him.

In the backdrop of this adorable video, one can hear the trending Instagram Reels audio called Nothing by Bruno Major. “My paw dad is my travel buddy,” reads the caption accompanying this cute cat video that has gone viral on Instagram.

Watch it here:

Since being posted on November 20, this video has garnered more than 1.3 million views and several comments from people worldwide.

“Lovely video,” commented an Instagram user. “You are so lucky, beautiful adventures,” posted another. “Weekend with daddy,” pointed out a third. “Love these videos,” posted a fourth.

Another one of Sponge Cake’s Instagram Reels videos had recently gone viral with over 1.5 million views.

Take a look at the video right here:

What are your thoughts on this adorable cat and its adventures?

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