‘This dog has lost its mind’

A pet owner hilariously refused to join his snow-loving dog in the bitter cold. Taking…

A pet owner hilariously refused to join his snow-loving dog in the bitter cold.

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Enzo is a Samoyed dog. The white, fluffy breed evolved after the Samoyedic people of Siberia began training the wild dogs to herd reindeer, pull sleds and provide warmth at night. They’re considered an ancient breed of dog with no wolf or fox lineage. Unsurprisingly, Samoyeds feel at home in the snow and are especially fond of activities like sledding and skiing. 

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When Enzo got the chance to experience a proper snow day the dog couldn’t resist the opportunity. His owner shared the humorous moment on TikTok

“Enzo is my dog. A Samoyed dog. This dog is outside in the snow. This dog is outside in the snow because he wants to be. This dog has 18 muscles in his ears and uses all of them to ignore me when I tell him to come inside out of the snow,” the pet owner said.

Enzo sat on the front porch of the owner’s home as snow pummeled down. The entire front lawn was covered in snow. You could hardly discern the street from the sidewalk under the snowfall. And you could hardly discern Enzo’s white, snow-covered fur from a snowball. The dog looked completely content as he laid down, buried in layers of frost.

The owner had some choice words for anyone who believed leaving Enzo outside was a form of punishment. 

“This dog is not abused. This dog is abusing me. This dog wants me to sleep outside in the snow with him. This dog has lost his mind,” the pet owner joked.

They also added in the comment section, “Luckily our neighbors are used to him being stubborn and me chasing or screaming and they just laugh at us.”

The funny video racked up 20.6 million views on TikTok.

“My mom’s husky screams so loudly when you try to bring him from the snow, the neighbors start calling,” someone commented.

“People forget some animals literally are genetically built for freezing temperatures,” another said

“Enzo is living his best life,” a user wrote

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