April 20, 2021


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Tips for keeping pets safe in extreme cold

LA CRESCENT, Min. (WXOW) – While humans can easily suffer from frostbite or hypothermia in this brutal cold, so, too, can our pets and animals.

La Crescent Animal Care shared some tips on how to keep your pets/animals warm and safe during these extreme cold snaps.

  • Try a sweater or extra insulation while outside, especially for those short haired pets.
  • It’s important to keep their feet and pads clear of ice and salt from the roads. La Crescent Animal Care has had numerous visits due to torn up pads from this.
  • Watch their ears for frostbite as there isn’t much protection there.
  • Increase protein in the diet if at all possible.
  • Probably the biggest thing, limit time outdoors.

Dr. Bonni Robilliard with La Crescent Animal Care really stresses only going out when necessary right now. “A lot of strenuous activity out in the cold can actually become a problem. Yes it’s warming them up but they’re breathing a lot of that cold air down into their lungs.”

She also said that this time can be used for other important tasks for your animals.

“Mental activity. Hiding toys under boxes, and having them find the toy, something unusual like that. Teach them tricks!”

If you have outdoor animals, the vet recommends making sure to have an insulated building for them if possible, or at least a block from the wind.

Animal temperatures, especially dogs, shouldn’t drop under 99 degrees or jump above 102.5 degrees. If either occurs, contact your vet immediately.