April 20, 2021


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Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services Gets New Leadership January 2021 | Community

Since April of 2019, Deb Sporcich has been the Director of the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter. She started as a volunteer dog walker for the shelter and is now wrapping up her last few weeks as Director.

“As far as what I’ve put towards animal care has always been my priority and that’s never faltered but there’s also you know when it’s time to move on to other things –so lots of sad emotions right now,” said Sporcich.

Starting on January first, The shelter will have new leadership. The incoming Director will be Rebecca Howard, whos been at the shelter for 14 years and has been an ACO for seven–and the new CFO will be Dr. Julie Chambers.

“When Deb mentioned she wasn’t going to renew the contract, I came to Julie and said, ‘Hey, you wanna partner with me?’ So Julie got on board and we got our board members together. A group of 8, for Neo’s Nation Animal Foundation–our 501 (c)(3), and so we all worked together, we wrote a great proposal, put the bid in, had a great interview with the three cities, and were awarded the contract,” said Howard.

“[Rebecca] has such a heart for the shelter and I have such a heart for dogs. All animals, but I mean, dogs are my thing,” said Dr. Chambers.

A heart for animals is at the core of the shelter, which is something Deb values.

“Be kind to those animals out there that are trying to survive because it’s our fault that they’re out there without a home. So don’t get mad at them. Try to help the problem,” said Sporcich.

Deb is proud of the work that’s been done by her and her staff from spending money on vet care, to the low euthanasia rates, working with rescues to create more shelter space, and spaying and neutering animals–and Rebecca hopes to continue those initiatives.

“I want to continue what she’s done as far as her numbers and working to get those animals out of there,” said Howard.

Howard and Chambers are coming in with lots of new ideas that they’re looking forward to–to name a few–like educating the community on what they do as a shelter as well as animal control and introducing new fundraising opportunities.

“It takes a village, and hopefully we’ll get that with our community and our board. I think it’s going to be really great,” said Howard.

With the change in directors comes a new contracted business to run it. It will still be the same shelter, just with a new website and social media pages that will be up and running early next year.