Video of Cat ‘Dreaming of Warm Milk’ Goes Viral: ‘Dangerous Level of Cute’

Footage of a sleeping cat, appearing to move its mouth as if drinking from an invisible bowl of milk has, unsurprisingly, gone viral among feline fans.

Do cats dream and, if so, what do they dream about? These are the kind of questions most pet lovers will have pondered at some point in time. The answer, as it turns out, is a resounding “yes.”

According to Kelly St. Denis, current president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners: “Cats, like most other mammals, do dream.”

St. Denis told Daily Paws: “Studies on the electrical brain patterns in rats when they’re asleep compared to performing regular tasks when awake show striking similarities.

“These studies suggest that the cats are dreaming about the same tasks. It is likely that our cats are experiencing the same dream sleep, as do dogs.”

Furthermore, St. Denis says it is likely that cats, much like humans, are “dreaming about their day-to-day activities.”

For one cat called Floof, those activities appear to include indulging in a well-earned bowl of the white stuff.

A video of the adorable tabby cat, pushing up zees, was posted to Reddit by unrulycompetition74, where it has racked up more than 27,000 upvotes.

“Floof dreaming of warm milk,” the caption reads.

The video can be viewed here

In the clip, the sleeping cat can be seen opening its mouth, flicking its tongue and taking several gulps of nothing in a set of actions that perfectly ape how a feline would enjoy a saucer of milk.

While no one can say for certain whether Floof the cat does enjoy bowls of milk in their sleep, one thing fans can definitely agree on is the overall cuteness of the video.

“That’s very adorable,” 728ofpyar commented. “Thank you for the purest, most wholesome thing I have witnessed all day,” Slackash wrote. “The cutest and adorable kitty having sweet dreams I’ve ever seen!” Past_cartographer_65 added.

“Lock this floof up immediately,” Environmental4356 commented. “That is one dangerous level of cute.” Similar-Lab64 also wrote: “What a beautiful precious creature! I could watch him for days at a time and be perfectly happy and serene.”

This isn’t the first time cute cat content has proven popular on social media. A trio of felines recently went viral on Instagram after somehow wedging themselves into a series of clear plastic containers.

Elsewhere, a video chronicling an elderly cat’s realization he had finally found his forever home also proved a heartwarming hit with pet lovers online.

A sleeping cat.
Stock image of a sleeping cat – a cat called Floof has gone viral thanks to its vivid dreams.