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Which animals sing? | Live Science

Two creatures sing sweetly to each other, exchanging a series of trills, cheeps and chirps. If you close your eyes and listen, you might believe you are hearing two birds. But you’d be mistaken. In fact, this is the vocal repertoire of a pair of Alston’s singing mice (Scotinomys teguina), diminutive rodents that are found in the cloud forests of Central America and communicate by singing passionately to their companions. 

Their sounds mostly fall outside our audible range, and so researchers revealed their sweet symphonies by recording their vocalizations at a frequency we can hear. But their elusive calls also debunk a commonly held assumption: that songbirds are the only animals, other than humans, that sing. In fact, more animals sing to one another than you might expect. So which species do it? And do they sing only to find mates and mark their territory — or perhaps also, like us, simply because they enjoy it?